Sherif L. Abdelaziz
Associate Professor

Thermal and energy geotechnics, energy foundations, soil improvement, multiscale soil behavior from microstructure to large-scale, coupled phenomena in earth materials, resilient infrastructure.

Address:111-B Patton Hall
Tel.:(540) 231-5477
Thomas L. Brandon
Professor, Director of W.C. English Geotechnical Research Laboratory

Measurement of soil properties, laboratory testing, in-situ testing, slope stability, shear strength, steady state and transient seepage

Address:Patton Hall 22
Tel.:(540) 231-4454
Joseph E. Dove
Associate Professor of Practice

Ground Improvement
Direct and Remote Sensing for Geotechnical Applications

Address:110 Patton Hall
Tel.:(540) 231-2307
J. Michael Duncan
University Distinguished Professor Emeritus

Slope Stability, Shear Strength, Seepage, Finite Element Analysis of Soil-Structure Interaction

George M. Filz
Charles E. Via, Jr., Professor Emeritus

Foundation Engineering; Earth Retention; Embankments, Dams, and Slopes; Soil Improvement; Soil-Structure Interaction; Seepage Barriers

Russell A. Green

Fundamental and applied research in all aspects of earthquake engineering, particularly for the Central and Eastern United States: paleoliquefaction analyses; seismic hazard analyses; ground motion selection and scaling; numerical site response analyses; liquefaction evaluation; soil improvement; in situ characterization of soil properties; dynamic soil-structure-interaction.

Address:120B Patton Hall
Tel.:(540) 231-9826
James K. Mitchell
University Distinguished Professor Emeritus

Soil Properties and Behavior, Ground Improvement, Environmental Geotechnics, In-situ Testing, Geotechnical Earthquake Engineering

Adrian Rodriguez-Marek

Geotechnical Earthquake Engineering, Performance Based Design in Geotechnical Engineering

Dr. Rodriguez-Marek's research is in the general area of Geotechnical Earthquake Engineering. His research focuses on advancing the state of the art for non-ergodic seismic hazard assessment. His research projects address the quantification of the standard deviation of earthquake induced ground motions (sigma) accounting for repeatable path or site effects, and studies on the application of non-ergodic seismic hazard analysis including various effects such as surface topography or soil nonlinearity. Other current research projects include collaborative research with Dr. Russell Green on liquefaction triggering using energy-based methods within a probabilistic framework.

Address:214 Patton Hall
Tel.:(540) 231-5778
Joseph P. Vantassel
Assistant Professor

Address:111-B Patton Hall
Blacksburg, VA, USA 24061
Tel.:(540) 231-4308
Alba Yerro-Colom
Assistant Professor

Numerical methods in geotechnical engineering; Material Point Method, Slope stability, Failure initiation and run-out prediction; Soil-water-structure interaction

Address:111-A Patton Hall
Blacksburg, VA 24061
Tel.:(540) 231-2036